Free webinars by Sexwise and FPA

Sexwise and FPA will be running a free webinar on the topic of Sexual health: pleasure, pain and problems on Thursday 6th September 1PM.

To register click here

All attendees will be given a certificate for their CPD.

See also previous webinars below.

STIs and sexual history taking webinar

STIs and sexual history taking webinar from Sexwise on Vimeo.

Vaginal Health Webinar by Sexwise and FPA – March 2018

Vaginal Health Webinar by Sexwise and FPA – March 2018 from Sexwise on Vimeo.


Spectra Services

Who is Spectra?

Improving health and well-being by providing better options for people like you

Spectra works to improve the choices, health and well-being of people like you. We work with all people, often from diverse and marginalised communities, empowering positive, informed choices about health, including sexual health, emotional resilience and wellbeing, and working with you to combat isolation and risk.

We provide supportive, knowledgeable, non-judgemental services which are all peer led, meaning they are delivered by people from the communities we work with themselves. We are proactive in identifying the needs of all our clients and supporting them.

We aim for knowledgeable, aware and empowered individuals and communities who have clear, accurate, credible and non-judgemental wellbeing and health information and quality services that are relevant and accessible.

See downloadable leaflets (PDF) below:

Spectra – Trans Counselling Service

Spectra – Peer Services

Spectra – Trans Social Groups

Spectra – Wandsworth Services



Young people and harmful sexual behaviour training opportunity

This training event will be facilitated on the topic of Harmful sexual behaviour and young people. The event aims to increase our understanding of harmful sexual behaviour and explore the ways in which we may support those who present with this behaviour.

After this training you will be able to:
•Say what harmful sexual behaviour is.
•Identify risk indicators and vulnerabilities for harmful sexual behaviour.
•Identify early warning signs of those who may pose a risk to others.
•Recognise the impact on both victims and perpetrators.
•Implement practical techniques to address harmful sexual behaviour.
•Address harmful sexual behaviour while prioritising safeguarding of young people.

Throughout the training you will be encouraged and supported to consider how your own practice can best address and support children and young people who support HSB.

YP and harmful sexual behaviour training

Find out more here.

To register, you would need to create an Free TPD account:

#imstoppinghiv; hivtestingweek2018

HIV testing week 2018

THT have created a social media pack to help you promote the HIV Prevention England summer campaign on your social media. The campaign launched on Monday 18 June 2018.


The campaign will be raising awareness and promoting actions of the various ways to prevent HIV such as condoms, testing, PrEP and treatment.

The tagline for the campaign is ‘I’m stopping HIV.’ and an explanation of which prevention tool used will follow. The people featured in the campaign images and videos are a mixture of people living with and without HIV.


This year’s summer campaign hashtag is #ImStoppingHIV.

Hashtags are not case sensitive so using #imstoppinghiv would work as well – we’ve just used capitals to make it easier to read what the hashtag is about.

What’s in the pack?

Images: a selection of images for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any another social network.

Links: to information on the various ways of preventing HIV. There are links to interactive tools that:

  • Recommend the best condom to use,
  • assess when someone should get tested,
  • help to choose a type of test based on preference and suitability,
  • help to find local testing services.

Suggested posts: examples of posts for Facebook and Instagram as well as tweets for Twitter.

I’m stopping HIV
I’m stopping HIV – Summer


What we are asking people to do?

Our summer campaign calls to action are:

Be educated: learn what the four different ways to prevent HIV are and why they are important.

Make changes: we want people to know how to reduce the risk of getting HIV by:

  • choosing the right fitting condom
  • finding out if they need to get tested for HIV, where to do it and the different ways they can via the tools on our website,
  • understanding what PrEP is, how it works and how to access it,
  • encouraging people living with HIV to access and adhere to treatment for health benefits for themselves and for the added advantage of not having to worry about passing it on to anyone else.

Pass it forward: share the information from the campaign messages with friends, family and on social media.

Furry tales – Sexwise mythbuster animations

SEXWISE Video launch                                                

Sexwise want to get the word out about our new videos which myth bust common sexual and reproductive health concerns. The videos will be promoted on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Here’s our communications pack with more information which includes links to the videos, link to a blog about the making of the videos, suggested tweets and ways to get more involved with the campaign.

For the provider’s group reference only, please see the videos embedded below:

FGM training opportunity


AYDA provides training for all professionals working with young girls and women managing FGM & harm from health related cultural practices. AYDA provides practitioners with an enhanced knowledge of the cultural and religious arguments in support of FGM as well as the sexual health, social, economic, human rights and child protection arguments against it.

They will be delivering training for professionals working in Wandsworth (free of charge if you are commissioned by the Council).

To register, you would need to create an Free TPD account:

Here are the dates for the course:

FGM training dates



Latest on Sexual Health August 2018

Women in England to be allowed to take second early abortion pill at home

Confirmation on changes to English rules around misoprostol which brings England into line with Scotland and Wales allowing the second pill to be taken at home:

A joint faculty and RCOG  statement is here:


WSW National Sexual Wellbeing Survey

 “This survey is part of LGBT Foundation’s Women’s Programme research into the sexual wellbeing of women who have sex with women.

“Sexual Wellbeing” within this research means ‘a state of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. The sections in this survey will cover topics such as wellbeing, confidence, communication, pleasure, behaviour, exploration and access to services.

This survey will run between August and November 2018 and will be followed by national focus groups. The results will be released in a report and shared with the wider community, service providers, media nationally.

This survey should take around 20 minutes to complete.

This research is a priority now as there is a lack of up-to-date national evidence on sexual wellbeing for lesbian and bisexual women and other women who have sex with women. Previous research in this area took a more clinical approach to sexual health but excluded other factors including pleasure, exploration, health, access to services, confidence, and consent.

The data we gather will provide us with a greater understanding of WSW needs, and will inform the design of our services as well as influencing policy and support for women nationally”


Regional and national responses to Inquiry into sexual health sought 

On 1st August, the health and Social Care Committee launched an inquiry into sexual health. This has been driven by the increases in STIs, access/demand issues, funding and workforce issues. Submissions are requested by 1st October.